“Always Together!” 
USSR, 1958

“Let Chinese-Soviet Friendship Live Forever!”
People’s Republic of China, 1959
“Our Goal Is Communism!”
USSR, 1959
“The Friendship of the Peoples of China and the Soviet Union Is Everlasting”
People’s Republic of China, 1962
“Friends Forever”
USSR, c. 1950s
“Friendship Forever for the Happiness of Our Nations!”
USSR, 1953
“Long Live the Friendship Between the Peoples and the Armies of China and the Soviet Union”
People’s Republic of China, early 1950s
“We Strengthen Our Friendship in the Name of Peace and Happiness”
USSR, c. 1950s

“Long Live Chinese-Soviet Friendship”
People’s Republic of China, 1960
“Friends Forever!”
USSR, c. 1950s
“Our Friendship Is Unbreakable! Long Live International Women's Day!”
USSR, 1954